We would like to extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to all those individuals, families, and organizations that have made the AmberFund possible.

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Joel and Vick Molinari
Jon and Tammye Hamilton
Terry and Tracey Borcheller
Ed and Linda Kuvlesky
Rick and Ann Marie Cotton
Peter and Yvonne Hjalmeby
Tony and Olivia Assaf
Buddy and Mavis Tipton
Scott and Glendia Coffey
Larry and Janice Boan
Brian Lourie
Jaime Becerra
Esther Weber
Ramon Figueroa
Nick and Amy Cutrone
Saints Alive
Robert Horne
To Every Nation
Dr. Joe and Dana Davis
Scott and Felica Cooley
Steven and Jessica Ponce
Becki Forget
Steve and Angie Thompson
Tim and Cheryl Boan
Jim and Joan Elliot
Dan and Judy Reeves
Maynard and Barbara Sweigard
Aaron and Samantha Sweigard
Jerry Lyon
Adam and Natalie Duprius
Mr/Mrs Reinhard Bonnke
James Eaves

Dr. Jack Sharpe
Peter and Joan Busch - The Peter Busch Family Foundation
Philip and Marie Busch - The Peter Busch Family Foundation
Mrs. Bette Raymond
Roy and Scooter Raymond
Rick Woodin
Treatt Ponce
John Ponce
Ellie Ponce
Judah Ponce
Christine Purdy
Viva Kids
Mr. and Mrs Daniel Griffin
S. C. Carter
Sandra Benway
Crystal Cade
Steve and Joyce Short
Short Chiropractic Center
Ed and Loretta Brown (Amber's grandparents)
Grace Ministries
BoxFit Vero Beach: Kevin & Clemencia Mahon
Tim & Laura Zorc